Application Delivery Controller White Papers

IaaS環境に 最適なLBaaSを提供する ArrayのADCソリューション


This ADC is JUST Right

This white paper examines the attributes and requirements of large enterprises, medium enterprises and small businesses and the corresponding impacts they have on selecting an ADC that will deliver maximum value.

Get Control of Your Data Center

This white paper explores the role of application delivery controllers in extracting maximum efficiency, performance and control over applications, as well as servers and other data center infrastructure and wide area connectivity.



Application Delivery as an Infrastructure Service

This white paper sheds light on the attributes IaaS providers should look for when selecting application delivery solutions to power load balancing (and other networking and security functions) as a public or private cloud offering.

Redefining ADCs for Software-as-a-Service

This white paper highlights the manner in which Array Networks provide simple, streamlined ADCs that are more scalable and adaptable to SaaS application requirements and at the same time more manageable and cost-efficient.

SSL Offloading and Acceleration in Virtualized Environments

This white paper details how a hybrid virtual/dedicated application delivery controller model can be used to assure performance and scaling of SSL/TLS processing in cloud and virtualized data center environments.

Array APV Series as an IPv6 Gateway

This white paper highights the use of ADCs as an IPv6 gateway, capable of delivering IPv4 resources to IPv6 clients, delivering IPv6 resources to IPv4 clients and enabling secure and efficient application delivery for pure IPv6 networks.

Managing Application Delivery Controllers in an OpenStack LBaaS Environment

This white paper explains how Array’s OpenStack LBaaS implementation overcomes one of the key limitations of OpenStack, and gains the ability to support multiple physical or virtual application delivery controllers as well as high availability.

Global Server Load Balancing

This white paper details how using global server load balancing (GSLB) on application delivery controllers overcomes local availability problems by distributing traffic among a collection of servers deployed in multiple geographic locations.

Connection Multiplexing

This white paper examines how connection multiplexing converts a large number of short-lived connections to a lesser number of high-throughput connections to improve performance using optimized bulk throughput server settings.

Secure Access Gateway White Papers

モバイルワーク環境を最小コストで構築できるセキュア・アクセス・ゲートウェイ ArrayAGシリーズ(日本版)

BYOD(Bring Your Own Device)や在宅勤務の取り組みが活発化し、さまざまなデバイスをつかって、いつどこからでも仕事をする環境が当たり前になってきました。しかしながら、これらの取り組みが簡単にできるようになったわけではなく、ネットワーク設定やセキュリティ管理など、さまざまな課題があります。そんな課題に対して、アレイ・ネットワークスは「Array AG シリーズ」をソリューションとして提案します。

Mobile Access to Business Applications

This white paper explains why remote desktop access is a more secure, less expensive approach to enabling smartphone and tablet access to business applications, and how the technology is also easier to deploy, manage and use.

Large-Scale Remote Access & Mobility

This white paper details why traditional VPNs are not up to the task of supporting modern business requirements, and why remote desktop access is superior for cost-effectively achieving enterprise-wide remote access and mobility.

Remote Access for Business Continuity

This white paper highlights why typical VPNs will not scale in terms of security, cost, ease-of-use or performance and why remote desktop access is a superior choice for surge remote access and enterprise-class business continuity planning.


This white paper discusses the attributes of a purpose-built SSL VPN and how it delivers benefits including improved security, flexibility and control, improved performance, productivity and user experience as well as reduced TCO.


This white paper compares IPSec and SSL VPN technologies for both remote and site-to-site secure access, highlighting differences in performance, flexibility, security, ease-of use and deployment and total cost of ownership.

SSL VPN Evaluation Guide

This white paper is designed to assist enterprises in selecting an SSL VPN that will serve their long-term needs. Evaluation criteria includes guidelines and recommendations for performance, security, ease-of-use, cost and vendor reputation.

Other White Papers

Array Networks for Cloud & Virtual Environments

This white paper discusses various deployment models for application delivery controllers and SSL VPNs in public and private cloud environments, and examines how they may be leveraged to strike the optimal balance of performance and agility.

360° Application Security White Paper

This white paper examines a holistic approach – 360˚ application security – that addresses all potential attack vectors, and does so in a coordinated manner using an architecture that will scale to meet the needs of a growing business.

Array SpeedCoreアーキテクチャ (日本語版)


Array SpeedCore® Architecture

This paper provides an overview of Array’s SpeedCore multi-processing architecture, detailing the advantages of CPU-based multi-processing as compared to ASICs and providing an under-the-hood look at Array’s core technology.

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